The mission of Conscious Technologies LLC is to bring forth technologies that support the harmony of mankind and thus the world at large. These technologies have come through at this time to assist in protecting people, empowering them and bringing them in greater harmony with themselves, others, and the planet.

Cell Phone EMF Harmonizer
Pocket EMF Harmonizer
Tablet EMF Harmonizer Tray
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Laptop EMF Harmonizer Tray
House Signal  EMF Harmonizer
Core Harmonizer
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Do you want to experience a greater sense of peace in your home, business, or workplace? The Core Harmonizer is a portable, cutting-edge piece of technology that transforms any space into a peaceful oasis. For more details click on our Core Harmonizer page where you can watch the following two minute video.

Core Harmonizer TM       Great for all areas of life!

Core Harmonizer feedback

"Oh my goodness, I just want to

hug this thing and not let go."

— Ingrid, Massachusetts

All of our products are consciously made with love in Rhode Island.

We use eco and sustainable materials whenever possible.

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