Cohere™ Meditation Mat

Cohere™ Meditation Mat


The new Cohere™ mat! 

Ships in approximately 5 weeks from the order date.


The Cohere™ Meditation Mat is more than a meditation tool. The Cohere™ mat assists in elevating the body's physical frequency to more closely match one's own unique energetic blueprint of the ideal self. This frequency elevation prompts the release of stress and emotional blockages, which in turn leads to a greater sense of peace and renewal.


The mat and console are easy to transport and can be used both in holistic wellness centers and the comfort of your own home. Up to two Cohere™ mats can connect to a single console, and additional mats and leads can be purchased separately. Each Cohere™ mat comes with one washable mat cover.  Additional accessories can be purchased separately here.


Proudly made in the USA. 


Within the mat there are 96 hand-poured composite tiles.The tiles are comprised of specific materials and minerals that create a gentle but significant coherent field. Also within the mat are two small speakers that add specific sound frequencies. The individual places their hands on a conductive material on the mat that offers up Light frequencies that are generated within the console along with specific geometric inputs.  At the foot end of the mat is a conductive foot pad that connects the individual to earth ground using a grounded outlet or the optional included earthing stake. The Cohere mat is easy to use - flip one switch, recline and enjoy! 

All of our products are conscientiously made with love in Rhode Island.

We use eco-friendly and sustainable materials whenever possible. 


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