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Core Harmonizer TM Technology

Cell Phone EMF Harmonizer TM Technology

Ross' Journey to Conscious Technologies LLC

Information Fields - Lecture by Marc Newkirk 

More Videos by Scietist Marc Newkirk 

6 more videos can be seen directly on his page www.MarcNewkirk.com

Marc Newkirk is Ross Newkirk's (Founder of Conscious Technologies) father. They spent many years working together on many cutting edge technologies. Ross Newkirk formed Conscious Technologies in early 2019 as a result of his knowledge and experience that he gained working with Information Field Technologies with Marc.


Marc  Newkirk  spent five decades  at  the forefront of  scientific discovery and  technological  innovation.  Educated  as a  materials  engineer at Brown University, he was a prolific inventor, named  on   more  than  a  hundred  U.S.  and  nine  hundred  foreign issued patents. He has  founded  or  co-founded  half   a  dozen businesses  in  the  field of  advanced materials  based  upon those innovations, and led the creation of unique technologies for destressing people and raising individual consciousness. The resulting endeavors have spanned wide technical disciplines, and included aerospace, defense, electronics, automotive, semiconductor manufacturing, and human re-empowerment enterprises.  He has been a recipient of medals awarded by Brown University and The Franklin Institute, the Application to Practice Award of the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society, and the Real Advances in Materials Award of the National Association for Science, Technology and Society. He was elected to the U.S. National Academy of Engineering in 1997. In 2009 he led the establishment of Lightfield Foundation, a human re-empowerment enterprise based upon cutting edge discoveries in hyperdimensional physics and fundamental causality.

Test Data Videos

To view our Test Data videos please visit our Test Data page.

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Core Harmonizer Light Bulb Replacement

This short 3 minute video shows how to replace the light bulbs in the Core Harmonizer.

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