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We wanted to make it easy to find and watch the videos that are throughout our website. This page lists our main videos with the exception of our Test Data videos that can be found directly on our Test Data section.

Cohere Meditation Mat

Core Harmonizer™ Technology

Cell Phone EMF Harmonizer Technology

Ross' Journey to Conscious Technologies LLC

Information Fields - Lecture by Marc Newkirk 

Watch more videos by scientist Marc Newkirk here

Test Data Videos

To view our Test Data videos please visit our Test Data page.

Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 6.22.09 PM.png

Core Harmonizer Light Bulb Replacement

This short 3 minute video shows how to replace the light bulbs in the Core Harmonizer.

Vogel Cut Crystals Documentary

This is a 53 minute video we made on Vogel Cut Crystals.

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