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EMF Harmonizer Necklace

EMF Harmonizer Necklace


Harmonize the EMF radiation that you encounter in your environment with our EMF Harmonizer Necklaces. The harmonizing center of the necklace is the same size, weight, and design as our popular Cell Phone Harmonizers. The Harmonizer transmutes disharmonious, man-made EMF into a coherent, right-handed spin field. The necklace holders are 3D printed with non-toxic plant based filament. The tan holder option has very fine wood fibers within it, and rest of the options have plant based material in them. 


Choose your necklace pendant color and the Cell Phone Harmonizer style and we pre-install it in your necklace so it arrives ready to wear!


These necklaces can be worn swimming and in the shower. They were designed to go where you go!



Necklaces weigh about 0.8 ounces and the pendant is 2-1/16" in diameter and about 1/4" thick. They come on a 20" long 2mm rope with a stainless steel push button clasp.


International orders (outside the United States) Please email us your mailing address and the items you are interested in purchasing and we will send you an invoice you can pay online. Thanks!



Pendant Holder

The EMF Harmonizer Necklace pendant contains one of our Cell Phone Harmonizers. The Cell Phone Harmonizer securely and permanently adheres inside the pendant frame creating both a beautiful and functional necklace!

The Cell Phone Harmonizer in the pendant transmutes disharmonious, man-made EMF into a coherent, right-handed spin field. For more details on how our EMF Cell Harmonizers work go to:


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