Core Harmonizer TM Technology

The Core Harmonizer TM uses  music, nested geometries and specific materials to create a coherent and harmonious environment. 

The music which comes from an internal speaker located in the base of the unit resonates up through the geometric chamber and out through the top and sides of the Core Harmonizer creating a peaceful environment.

Benefits may Include:


  • An enhanced sense of peace and well-being

  • Achieving higher states of consciousness and awareness

  • Improved quality of sleep

  • Noticeably more peaceful home life including calmer children and adults alike while unit is kept on throughout the day or evening

  • Pet owners have specifically reported a decrease in anxiety in their pets

  • Enhanced group meditations, yoga classes, reiki and massage sessions

Easy to use!

One switch to turn on

Two buttons to turn off



  • Padded Travel Cover

  • Spare set of bulbs

  • Manual

  • Cords

  • 9hrs of music


  • Portable (weighs 32lbs)

  • Only uses 45 watts of power (costs 1/2 cent to run per hour)


The Core Harmonizers are hand-made.

Please email, text or call for availability. Ship time 0-2 weeks depending where we are in the manufacturing stage. 


The Core Harmonizer comes with a 2 year limited warranty from the date of purchase. 


Purchase Price - $4,800


  • "Provides a great calming presence."

  • "Grounds you at the core."

  • "Brings you to an elevated state of awareness."

  • "I can feel the energy come up through my legs and into my stomach." (V.J. -Rhode Island)

  • "Everything in the world seemed to fade away and I became very aware of the now moment and it quieted my inner chatter so I could focus on being still."  (H.N. - Rhode Island)

  • "When the harmonizer was turned on, I felt a frequency or energy that came from the direction of the machine, the energy went through my body and after a while I dropped into a very deep and easy meditation. When some late-comers came into the room I had no inclination to open my eyes or engage with the activity in the room. It was peaceful. I would like to experience it again."           (F.M. -New England)

  • "Having only experienced it one time I must say I found it very powerful. I have been working on uncovering energies - unlooked at emotions in my heart chakra. In that short amount of time we sat with your invention I felt a serious deepening in a calm way of the emotions - in the front and back of the chakra - enough so I could get a grasp on what they were. I realized the fear, depression and vulnerability I was feeling wasn't really mine in a way and knew it was time to do some ancestor work. During a long session with Marika yesterday we went into my past and found the sources of the emotions and were able to clear them. I am not good at putting this into words, but the meditation Friday evening started a remembering that lead to a profound self-healing for me. I am grateful.  (M.S. - Massachusetts)

  • "For most of my life I have not been a regular meditater because it was hard for me to quiet my mind. With Ross' technology, it seemed to be very easy for me and I could track where the energy was going in my body. My mind just let me track where I was feeling the energy. I first noticed it in my chest around my heart and it felt like there was a wall or block there. After a few minutes I could feel the energy move up into my mouth and I could feel a vibration in my teeth. It then ascended into my head whereupon I could hear my heart beating faster and my circulation speeding up. I actually began to hear my blood pumping throughout my whole body. I could almost feel that my cells were racing around working more intensely than usual. The energy then began to descend in to my body until I could feel it reach my feet. I felt almost like I was being scanned in a way... not in a threatening way but in a helpful way. It felt like my whole body was harmonizing itself. When it moved again back up to the heart and then to my head, I could feel things loosen up and open up... I don't know how else to describe it. I really enjoyed the whole experience."  (M.R. - Massachusetts)

  • "For someone who lacks the attention for a daily meditation routine, The Core Harmonizer has allowed me to be able to have something to put my focus towards. The unit produces a soothing vibrational frequency of music . The same allows for a very restful deep undisturbed sleep. I have a hard time falling back to sleep once disturbed, but with The Core Harmonizer; I'm instantly drawn back into it's vibration and fall right back to sleep. Our Cats also tend to Wake up at 3am, Cry and Run around...but with The Core Harmonizer, it's been quite and peaceful for everyone! They sleep the night away as well!" (Josh - Holyoke Massachusetts)

  • “I’ve been channeling for 4 days straight! It’s never been so clear! The puppy calmed down so fast. I wasn’t expecting it to be so tangible. Took me to a meditative state so easily. It was a joy!”         (Jessica - Massachusetts)

  • "The energy of the Core Harmonizer sets a remarkably soothing and uplifting resonance throughout the 1800 sq ft of our living space. Its ambient music selections are beautiful and varied. Its benefits are cumulative. The longer we had the Core Harmonizer, the more my husband, and our dog and I, felt relaxed and peaceful, as our energy fields entrained with its balancing vibrational field." (Mary Anne Bright - Sunderland, MA)

  • "The core harmonizer has become an essential component of my practice. Whether engaging in individual or group therapy sessions it helps to passively and naturally create a calm and safe environment. It naturally engages the parasympathetic nervous system allowing people to more easily engage parts of their brain and body in order to do deeper clinical work." (Dave - Vermont)

  • "Deep subconscious information becomes accessible and begins to spontaneously harmonize. I am eternally grateful to you for the Core Harmonizer rental this week. It has changed our lives forever. So grateful, so grateful."  (Jesse Steinberg, DC)

Core Harmonizer Feedback:

Local to Rhode Island?


Try -or- Lease the Core Harmonizer!

We have four Core Harmonizers that we rent out by the week.  If you are interested please email us to get on the waitlist. We have a two week max rental policy due to demand and allowing others to experience it.  

You can always try the Core Harmonizer Unit at the FLO De-Stressing Center LLC in downtown Wakefield, RI. To book your own hour long Core Harmonizer Session go to 

This is a segment from a lecture Marc Newkirk gave on Information Fields and Information Field Technologies. 

What are some of the uses and benefits of the Core Harmonizer?

The great thing about the Core Harmonizer is it can be used by either a single individual or multiple individuals simultaneously and in many different ways. 

Many people get great benefit by just quietly sitting near the Core Harmonizer and doing a quiet meditation but it can also be used to create a peaceful space as you go about your day just by the very act of having it play in the background. The environment created by the Core Harmonizer is quite large and can easily fill a small auditorium. 

The Core Harmonizer can also be used to enhance client sessions such as massage, reiki, group mediations and yoga sessions. 

Even people who have traditionally had difficulty meditating find they can more easily achieve a meditative state in the presence of the Core Harmonizer. 

Some people also enjoy having it play while they sleep as they have noticed they can sleep much better. 

Children often tend to be calmer around the Core Harmonizer, less anxious and more at peace. Parents have noticed a great benefit in having the Core Harmonizer play in the background as there seems to be a greater sense of peace and harmonize noticed within the household. 

Often pet owners notice a decrease in anxiety in their pets. Pets tend to be attracted to the Core Harmonizer and sometimes curl right up next to it!


Can the Core Harmonizer be used by more than one person?

Yes, the Core Harmonizer can be used by a single individual or a large group of individuals. The beautiful thing about the Core Harmonizer is everyone in the environment can benefit from what it has to offer. The individual experiences often vary but everyone can benefit.


Can I travel with my Core Harmonizer?

We highly recommend sharing your Core Harmonizer with others and bringing it with you on “road trips.” It is portable and only weighs about 32 LBS. Care needs to be taken however when traveling with the unit. The unit should be secured in your vehicle either by placing other bags and boxes around it to keep it from tipping over and sliding or it should be carefully tied down. We do not recommend traveling with it via plane as check baggage gets thrown around and the Core Harmonizer could easily be damaged or some of the delicate components within it become dislodged from mishandling. The included padded travel cover should be used during transportation. First unplug ad remove the power cord and MP3 player and cords as those will be stowed in the padded side pouch on the side of the travel cover. The travel cover drops down over the top of the Core Harmonizer. Be sure to orient the cover so the handle holes align with the handles on the unit. 


Can I sit on the Core Harmonizer?

No, the Core Harmonizer was not intended to be sat on. Just being in its vicinity is all that is needed. 


How far away can the beneficial effects of the Core Harmonizer be felt?

The Core Harmonizer creates a wonderful environment that could certainly benefit people in a good size auditorium whether or not they could hear the music from it.  Some people have the Core Harmonizer playing at one end of their house and can feel it from the opposite end of the house.


What about having this around my pets?

Pets are often drawn to the Core Harmonizer. In fact we have had many instances where cats and dogs will choose to lay around the Core Harmonizer rather than their own bed. Numerous people have reported that they have found that their pets are calmer, less aggressive, and friendlier. Some people have noticed that during fireworks and thunderstorms that their pets are much less anxious and scared. We do not know if this would be the case across the board but certainly we have had numerous reports of a noticeable reduction in anxiety with pets. 

Do plants like the Core Harmonizer?

We have had a number of people reach out to us sharing how their plants responded very well to the Core Harmonizer. One individual shared that their tabletop pepper plant started producing a palether of new blooms shortly after they acquired their Core Harmonizer. Others claimed that they noticed a significant improvement in the growth of their plants. We would like to do a study in this area in the near future. 


Is it expensive to run?

No, the Core Harmonizer only uses 45 watts of power. The average electric price per kilowatt-hour in the United States is 12 cents. That means it only cost about 1/2 cent an hour to run! Running it for 6hrs would cost $0.03.


What music is used in the Core Harmonizer?

The music albums and tracks we use contain important tones and geometries that are within the music and important for the function of the Core Harmonizer. All the music has been transposed to 432hz. Only approved music should be played through the Core Harmonizer.

Each Core Harmonizer comes with 56 tracks of music to choose from. Which is over 9 hours of listening time before repeating songs. If you would like to hear a sample of the kinds of music that is included with the Core Harmonizer here is an album from someone who posted it on  youtube.

Healing Harmony (click to listen)

It is important that the music used in the Core Harmonizer is music that is recommend by Conscious Technologies LLC as it contains very important attributes. One should never play music other than the approved music through the Core Harmonizer.


Do I have to play the music loud?

Although most people find the music peaceful and like to listen to it, you can also get great benefit from the Core Harmonizer even with the volume turned down. The volume does however need to be on. It is the combination of the music, light and nested geometries and other materials that are what create the harmonious coherent environment.


Can I use the Core Harmonizer in conjunction with my reiki or yoga sessions?

Yes, many people have found great benefit using the Core Harmonizer in conjunction with reiki and yoga sessions.


How long should I run the Core Harmonizer?

That is all up to you. Some people enjoy having it run for several hours throughout the day, others run it several time a week and others run it throughout the night while they sleep. Whatever you do just listen and go with what feels right for you!


Can I rent a Core Harmonizer?

We do have two Core Harmonizers that are available for weekly rentals for those that are local to or near Rhode Island. We do have a rental agreement that must be completed and there has historically been a waiting list to rent a Core Harmonizer so be sure to get on the waiting list if you would like to rent one! Due to the demand we do have a two week maximum rental.


Are there places to try the Core Harmonizer?

We often do events at various holistic centers in New England where you can come for either a nominal fee or free and experience the Core Harmonizer. There are also a growing number of people who are purchasing the Core Harmonizer and making them available to others as well. If you are interested in experiencing the Core Harmonizer and are local to Rhode Island, individual hour long sessions are offered at the FLO De-Stressing Center in downtown Wakefield RI. For more information and to schedule a session with the Core Harmonizer go to  also check out our facebook page where individuals routinely post Core Harmonizer events that they are hosting.


Is there any test data on the Core Harmonizer?

Yes, aside from lots of verbal and written testimonials, we also have both GDV and HRV test data available (click here for test data)


Are there any lectures on Information Fields?

In this lecture segment, given by scientist Marc Newkirk, he explains information field technology.

All of our products are consciously made with love in Rhode Island.

We use eco and sustainable materials whenever possible.

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