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Laptop & Tablet EMF Harmonizer Trays

Laptop & Tablet EMF Harmonizer Trays

SKU: LH0719

NOTE: We have redesigned the look - All Laptop Trays now include a Flower of Life Design on the top!  Same quality as before but now mostly wood in appearance (wood top).  We will be updating most of our pictures soon. 


The materials used for the Laptop and Table Harmonizer trays are specifically designed to harmonize the man-made EMF signal that is both given off and received by your device. The tray is comprised of 7 different key materials and minerals that transmute the incoherent man-made EMF signal to one that is coherent and in harmony with you. Be sure to read the feedback tab and see what people have said about our Harmonizing Trays!


The materials that comprise the tray are elite shungite, regular shungite, pure silver, crystals, and other proprietary ingredients.  All are layered into the tray using an eco non-toxic epoxy. The trays are offered in 3 different sizes.  Each tray is 1/2" thick.


Note: These trays are poured individually when manufactured and as a result you may see some swirls in the composite material. 


International orders (outside the United States) Please email us your mailing address and the items you are interested in purchasing and we will send you an invoice you can pay online. Thanks!

3 Sizes:  (Be sure to measure your computer for the proper fit.)

Large (perfect for a medium size laptop)  16-1/4" x 11-1/4"    weighs 3lbs                                                  $260

Medium (perfect for a small size laptop. Great for Macbook Pro)  13" x 9-1/2"    weighs 2lbs                 $220

Small (perfect for a small tablet or router)  8-1/2" x 5-7/8"    weighs 14ozs                                                 $160

Note: Small tray includes the optional L-bracket


Since we use non-toxic eco epoxy it is great for the environment but does not like to be in direct sunlight for long or left in extreme heat such as in a car. These trays need to be used inside your house or in the shade otherwise the tray may temporarily become soft. Inside your house near a window is fine. 

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions tab above for more details!

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