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Quantum Flo™ Technology


Quantum Flo™ technology allows for personal immersion into a coherent environment, which facilitates the release of stress and promotes renewal and wellbeing. Using Information Field Technology, the Quantum Flo™ unit assists in raising consciousness and aids in the release of emotional and/or physical disruption from one’s energy field. Quantum Flo™ technology incorporates advanced elements of light and sacred geometries, in addition to enhanced music incorporating 432 Hz and 528 Hz frequencies, to create a harmonious, coherent information field. The beneficial field of the Quantum Flo™ unit interacts positively with the human biofield, causing the biofield to become even more coherent and harmonious itself. This results in feelings of peace and an overall sense of renewal, and these results extend past the time of the session to offer an ongoing expanded experience of coherency.


Quantum Flo™ units are now available to purchase for your wellness center or personal use.


Cost: $68,000

Please contact us directly to place your order.

Delivery, setup, and training costs are additional. 

Currently 12-14 week delivery time. 

Technology Info

Information Fields - How do they work? 

In the 1990s, scientists discovered a new type of field comprised entirely of information. These information fields are non-physical and contain neither visible light nor audible sound. Rather, they are comprised of their spiritual essence. The human biofield, or aura, is a type of information field. Coherent information fields are also produced by group prayer, focused intentions, meditation, and certain physical geometries known as "sacred geometries”. This principal is used in the Quantum Flo™ unit, where information from music, geometries, and light are projected into the unit, thus creating a harmonious information field. When placed within a coherent information field, an individual will begin to reconnect with his/her higher awareness and release accumulated stress.


De-Stressing and Its Effects

According to the American Institute of Stress, 75-90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related problems. Just as the accumulation of stress appears to compromise an individual's innate self-healing capacities, de-stressing appears to restore them. De-stressing also tends to restore a sense of wellness, balance, and motivation. 


There are multiple levels of consciousness, or awareness, associated with a human being. The level of the subconscious is the level that creates the biofield that physically surrounds a person. This field is the means by which we subconsciously direct the activity of every cell in our body to create our physical presence. 


When harmonious information is present in that field, the cells dutifully create a physical result that is harmonious. However, when disharmonious information is present in the field, the cells then construct a physical result that is in some degree disharmonious. Essentially, any negative experience or belief of limitation that an individual has that is not resolved and discharged successfully creates stress and may shift the concept of one's identity from one of perfection to one of distortion, which may present as disruption to the harmony of the biofield and subsequently the body.


The physical body may be viewed as the "report card" of what we have come to believe to be true about ourselves. Disease may be regarded as one level of consciousness (the subconscious) trying to get the attention of another level of consciousness (the waking, rational, or conscious mind) in order to prompt the individual to resolve the accumulated mental or emotional disharmony. 


When one enters the very powerful and harmonious information field that exists within the Quantum Flo™ unit, the subconscious of the individual becomes instantly aware of that field, as well as its greater degree of harmony as compared with the field that the individual has created for himself or herself. 


This awareness causes a response in the individual in which the level of the subconscious then connects with the level of the superconscious (the highest level of their awareness, which is omniscient), in order to try to understand what is occurring. During that connection, the subconscious becomes aware of the specific elements of disharmony that it has adopted into the field which it has created and begins to eliminate those disharmonies issue by issue, resulting in the de-stressing of the individual. As stress disappears from the field of the individual over one or more Quantum Flo™ sessions, he or she naturally resumes more harmonious physical and mental states as the innate self-healing mechanisms are no longer impeded by accumulated stress.

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