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Core Harmonizer
Great for harmonizing all areas of your life!

Do you want to experience a greater sense of peace in your home, business, or workplace? The Core Harmonizer™ unit is a portable, cutting-edge piece of technology that transforms any space into a peaceful oasis. For more details click on our Core Harmonizer page or watch the video above.

Core Harmonizer™ feedback

"Oh my goodness, I just want to hug this thing and not let go."

— Ingrid, Massachusetts

"Grounds you at the core."

— Anonymous, Rhode Island

"Brings you to an elevated state of awareness."

— Anonymous, Massachusetts

"Provides a great calming presence."

— Anonymous, Rhode Island

"The Core Harmonizer has become an essential component of my practice. Whether engaging in individual or group therapy sessions it helps to passively and naturally create a calm and safe environment. It naturally engages the parasympathetic nervous system allowing people to more easily engage parts of their brain and body in order to do deeper clinical work."

— Dave, Vermont

"I’ve been channeling for 4 days straight! It’s never been so clear! The puppy calmed down so fast. I wasn’t expecting it to be so tangible. Took me to a meditative state so easily. It was a joy!"

— Jessica, Massachusetts

"Everything in the world seemed to fade away and I became very aware of the

now moment and it quieted my inner chatter so I could focus on being still."

— Heather, Rhode Island

"Deep subconscious information becomes accessible and begins to spontaneously harmonize. I am eternally grateful to you for the Core Harmonizer rental this week. It has changed our lives forever. So grateful, so grateful." 

— Jesse Steinberg, DC

"I can feel the energy come up through my legs and into my stomach."

— Victoria, Rhode Island

All of our products are conscientiously made with love in Rhode Island.

We use eco-friendly and sustainable materials whenever possible. 


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