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Z Sleep Mat

Z Sleep Mat

SKU: ZMat100

The Z Sleep Mat creates a soft coherent vibrational field that allows for gentle release during ones sleep. The accumulative affect of sleeping on the mat allows for individuals to gently process and release as they sleep.


The mat contains 168 tiles that are made of a composite mixture of specific minerals and crystals which include shungite, selenite, amethyst, rubies, trace amounts of 24k gold, and other important natural ingredients.


The mat was designed to be subtle. You may or may not feel anything. Some people may notice a subtle improvement in their sleep, others over time have reported that they physically feel better and have a more youthful feeling. Other people have reported they sleep deeper. Change happens slowly and subtle on this mat.


Using the Z Sleep Mat is easy!  Place the mat and its included cushioned pad and duvet directly on top of your mattress, cover with your normal fitted bed sheet, plug in the grounding cord to your outlet and you are ready for a good nights rest!


NOTE: Current ship time is 10-14 business days.


International orders (outside the United States) Please email us your mailing address and the items you are interested in purchasing and we will send you an invoice you can pay online. Thanks!

"ZSleep indeed! I find the environment offered by this mat feels as though I'm getting into bed with a friend. In other words getting into bed has a dear feeling of comfort and relaxation for my body including the energetic aspects of my being.


I have been sleeping on a (standard) grounding sheet for at least 10 years. I felt no effects of this sheet and I do know connecting to the earth is surely important for well being.


With your ZSleep Mat I must surely be feeling results of the addition of the minerals.  Although I usually fall asleep soon, with the ZSleep Mat, I fall asleep ever sooner and sleep deeper with more dreams.  In the morning I feel better for having slept on this fine mat."



"Sleeping on the mat was comforting and soothing. When I slept on it, my body would sink into its comfort. The mat felt like a love mat, and like it was hugging me all night long. Any part of me that was touching the mat instantly relaxed; it was as grounding as if I was sleeping outside in the forest. I slept great and woke up feeling rested and like all the senses in my body had been heightened. Over the course of the week that I got to try it, the sleep mat gently rejuvenated me each night, and it improved the quality of my sleep and my overall mood throughout the day."



"I have been using a Z sleep mat since November 2021 and it has made an incredibly positive impact on the quality of my sleep. I have not had a good relationship with sleep for my whole life. I have always been an "intermittent" sleeper...often feeling like I needed more sleep. Since I have been using the Z Sleep mat, I feel fully rested, I feel more positive and I have seen miraculous changes in my life. My life feels like it just keeps getting better and better! I wish I had had it years ago so I highly recommend it. It has helped me let go of stress, feel more healthy and more deeply relaxed! I love it!"



"I LOVE my zmat! After my first night sleep I felt an increased sense of fulfillment and abundance! What a great asset to self care and improving our quality of life. Thanks again, Ross for bringing your products to us all!"


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