Core Harmonizer™ Unit Accessories

Core Harmonizer™ Unit Accessories


We offer accessories for the Core Harmonizer™ unit. Here you can purchase our additional expanded music album, spare covers, and replacement light bulbs!

Expanded Music Album:

If you are looking for more music beyond the 9hrs that was included with your Core Harmonizer™ unit, we offer an additional 7 hours of music that has been transposed to 432hz and 528hz. Approximately 75% of the music is 432hz and 25% is 528hz. 432hz is about awareness, connection, and awakening. 528hz is the frequency of Love. The music comes on a micro SD card that gets inserted into your existing MP3 player. Comes with easy to install instructions. $120



These beautiful, handmade transport covers are the same as the one that originally came with your Core Harmonizer™ unit. We offer these in case you wish to to purchase an additional cover. They are offered in blue and a light, shimmery ivory/gold. $100


Spare Light Bulbs:

These are replacement bulbs for the ones originally included with the Core Harmonizer™ unit. Each Core Harmonizer™ unit uses 3 bulbs to operate. If you would like additional bulbs beyond the 6 bulbs initally included with your Core Harmonizer™ purchase, you can buy them here. The 15-watt bulbs are hand painted with a select Pantone green non-toxic paint. These are the only bulbs that should be used, should you need to replace a bulb in your CoreHarmonizer™ unit. $22 per 3 pack.