Tablet EMF Harmonizer Tray

Tablet EMF Harmonizer Tray

SKU: TH0719

The materials used for the Tablet Harmonizer Trays are specifically designed to harmonize the manmade EMF signal that is both given off and received by your device. The tray is comprised of 7 different key materials and goes through a week-long, 4-layer process. You may see some swirls in the composite material since each tray is handmade. Now available in 3 different sizes and styles. Comes with instructions and optional L-bracket. 

The Tablet Harmonizing Tray comes with an optional L-bracket. Depending on your usage and needs this L-bracket can be attached to the face of the tablet tray giving it a lip for your tablet to rest on when the tray is tilted in your lap. Some people choose to use the L-bracket and some people choose not to.


3 Options & Sizes:


Wood (small)

6x8.5" and .66" thick     weighs: 1lb 



Wood (Large)

9x12" and .66" thick     weighs: 2lbs 3oz



Frameless - textured top w/ felt bottom

8x11" and .5" thick  weighs: 2lbs 1.5oz: 



All Sizes Include: Optional L-brackets

If you need larger consider our Laptop Trays 



Since we use non-toxic eco epoxy it is great for the environment but does not like to be in direct sunlight for long or left in extreme heat such as in a car. These trays need to be used inside your house or in the shade otherwise the tray may warp and temporarily become soft. 


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